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Make it a good one!

Happy Friday folks! Well I have to admit I got stretched a little thin this week and didn't get an 'official' post written for today. With that being said, it takes me back to my quote on this website. You may not have had the chance to check out that page on here yet. It doesn't matter what kind of music you like, I myself love all kinds and especially lyrics. You will find my 'quote' page will mostly be from songs. I am going to share more of the lyrics on this post than I did on the page since I am absolutely in love with this one! It is by Brother's Osbourne (country). Give them a listen and turn it up!!

If you like this one you will be sure to like their other music.

Here are the lyrics:

"It doesn't take a million big ones to feel like a million bucks

You don't have to buy a plane ticket to get a little high and live it up

We pass through life like a bullet, it's enough to make your head spin

And as far as I know you don't get to do it again


Make it a good one, make it a long one

If you're gonna pour one, make it a strong one

Give all your heart to someone

Leave nothing unsaid or undone

Life goes by 90 miles a minute

If you blink once, you might just miss it

It's a hold on tight carnival ride around the sun

Before the day is done, make it a good one

Hold on tight to the ones you love

Don't get stuck in your ways

Keep shiftin' gears to those good years that've seen better days

You ain't never gonna find a U-Haul gettin' pulled behind a hearse

Leave the best of yourself behind ya

You ain't gonna fit it with you down in the dirt


Raise your hand

Let the chips fall where they land

Take a chance and get a little wild while you can

And if you want to make the good Lord laugh, tell Him your plans


Another words...........Buy the dress, eat the cake and for goodness sake,

buy yourself a plane ticket and travel to Aruba!!

If you have some favorite lyrics or quotes, I would love to hear about them! Fill out my contact page and let me know what they are. Maybe I will include them in a future post!

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