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2021 High Season

Sorry for my hiatus! We took a short vacation to the British Virgin Islands. It is so great to see all the islands making a recovery and getting their economies back on track! Obviously things are not yet back to normal, but with Aruba being outside of the hurricane belt, they are given the advantage of an ability to ‘shift’ their high season into the later part of the year as restrictions are eased and COVID cases are becoming less and less.

As of yesterday Aruba has 28 active COVID cases and 56,500 people have had both their first and second shot of the vaccine, and 10, 113 people have had their first shot thus far. Currently there is no curfew and the use of masks is no longer obligatory, (unless required by the establishment).

Entry testing is still required for everyone over the age of 14 (unless you are a resident). And visitor insurance is still required at $30 per person ages 15-75 and $10 per person ages 0-14. This covers you for the duration of your stay should you test positive while on Aruba. To read the details of coverage click here.

I would expect Aruba to have a ‘late’ high season this year and next season we anticipate a lot of traffic. If you are planning a trip in the next year you should think about starting to make reservations for flights, hotels, dinners, rental cars and excursions sooner than later. I have this link for that will give you up to 25% off on selected stays on certain weeks

If you need a car use this link for up to 15% off if you prepay. Valid until Sep 26, 2021 with Dollar Rent A Car. Or get a free single upgrade with National if you use this link and book by July 31, 2021. If you want a no fuss pick up right at the airport you can check prices with Alamo here.

Everyone is excited to get back to traveling and seeing beautiful places all around the world. Why not make Aruba your first stop?

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