Some like it HOT!




Not everyone is a fan of hot sauce, but if you are and are visiting Aruba, you have struck gold!



I myself, do not like SUPER hot sauce. But I do like hot sauce with a ton of flavor and a little punch. You may or may not have heard, the Madame Janette pepper is one of the hottest around. For those hot pepper fanatics out there, it ranks 125,000-325,000 on the Scoville scale and originates from Suriname. But is also grown on Aruba.




The local hot sauce made from this pepper is HOT! You may have noticed it at the super market or even your favorite restaurant.


It is also commonly sold and used on Aruba in a papaya version. So basically it is the full strength hot sauce that has been blended with papaya to tame it down for those who ‘can’t take the heat’. I love the papaya version! I know many people do. As a vacationer you might want to take a suitcase load of this deliciousness back home with you. Well I am here to tell you a secret I learned about years ago from a local friend. If you mix about 1/4 to 1/3 of the jar of full strength Madame Janette with a papaya (peeled, seeded and chopped), into your food processor or blender, Voila!!! You have the papaya version of Madame Janette hot sauce, and you have control over how hot it is!

With about a 2 lb papaya and not even half of my jar of Madame Janette, I yield about 35-40 ounces of hot sauce. That makes that little jar go a long way! So my advice, if you love the papaya hot sauce in Aruba, bring home a few of the smaller, full strength bottles and make your own.

You will not be disappointed!!

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