Spa…….aaahhhh time!

I owned a salon and spa for 15 years. That makes spa visits rank pretty high on my list. I feel like it is very important to treat yourself to a nice spa day once in a while. There is no better time than when you are on vacation. It allows you to really relax and absorb all of the benefits your session has to offer.

I have honestly only been to a few spas on Aruba, but I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found NaFanny Spa. From the first moment I reached out to Fanny, (owner and operator of NaFanny Spa), I was impressed. Back then my husband and I were vacationers on Aruba and didn’t rent a car. She offered to come pick us up and return us after our session. THAT is customer service! We would typically have her pick us up at our accommodation and then drop us off after our massage at Moomba Beach to lounge in the sun after our treatments. Now that we live on island, we have a car and are able to drive to our favorite spa!

Located in Noord in the Alto Vista area. NaFanny Spa is nestled in a quiet residential area, but once you enter it feels like you have walked into a complete ‘zen’ garden. As a certified massage therapist, Fanny will sit with you and discuss what type of massage you need and guide you to which will be the most beneficial for you.

The experience is so very peaceful and relaxing. Over the years we have watched NaFanny Spa evolve and on every visit it seems there is something new and inviting. On my most recent visit I asked Fanny to give me a little bit of a back story about why she decided to open a spa. This is what she had to say:

 “My inspiration to start the spa came from the desire to develop myself independently and make a living for myself by helping each person coming to my spa, by giving them the best of myself. With a lot of confidence and along with a kind of healing and pure energy coming from my heart, inspired by God who makes everything possible.
 After working in several resorts at the Island I opened the spa on December 17th of 2008. A day with a lot of meaning to me since it is also the birthday of my daughter. “

There you will see a pricing menu and list of services. There are other services available as well, such as: facials, body treatments, waxing, manicure and pedicure. Along with special pricing for local residents. (Dollars to Florins)

There is a space for couples massage as well. But honestly, while my husband is having his massage, I like to walk around the property and take in all of the peaceful little areas to observe and relax. Or you can just chill out on the hammock and enjoy a mimosa if that is your preference. (I do both!)

It never fails, we always leave NaFanny Spa feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed in mind, body and spirit.

Reach out to set up your appointment at NaFanny Spa by calling (297) 586-3007


or send an email:

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